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✨ Largest Selection of Floral Wrapping Paper ✨
✨ Largest Selection of Floral Wrapping Paper ✨

Preserved Roses Care Instructions

Unboxing: Lift the lid of the window box, remove the pin from the base of the head and lift gently out of the bucket.

Method of Coloring: Food coloring (non-toxic)

Evolution: As time goes on, these preserved roses tend to wither and fade. You’ll find that lighter colors will discolor more than dark ones.

Environment: These roses are meant for indoor use and exposure to the elements is likely to alter their appearance. To avoid discoloration, keep away from direct sunlight and store/display them around room temperature.

General: Variations in size, shape and color can exist between the flowers of the same batch and also from batch to batch.

Dimensions: All heights, weights and stem counts are indicative values and not a guarantee.

Color: All of our product images have been uploaded without the use of filters and are likely to be perceived differently depending on your screen.

100% Natural: Our roses are completely natural and were preserved at the peak of their natural beauty.  Genuine flowers and foliage such as these could have cracks and other natural imperfections that are not considered defects.

Pricing: All prices and discounts are subject to change at our own discretion.

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